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  • tet holiday round dark 10kg watermelon seeds

    Tet Holiday Round Dark 10kg Watermelon Seeds

    Dark round fruit nearly without stripes; weighs around 9kg. Great disease resistance. Vigorous and can set fruit in hot and humid places.
  • black diamond watermelon seeds

    Black Diamond Watermelon Seeds

    An excellent late-season variety good for southern climate. Tough dark blue-green rind makes it good transport. Bright red flesh with great flavor, sweet and firm. About 35 to 50 pounds.
  • black icebox f1 watermelon seeds

    Black Icebox F1 Watermelon Seeds

    Torpedo type F1 hyrbid watermelon. 68 days to maturity; tolerant to medium rain than most other varieties. Red flesh, sweet and delicious. Fruit weight 3 - 3.5kg. Tough rind and good for transportation.
  • 12kg f1 watermelon seeds

    12Kg F1 Watermelon Seeds

    Early maturing. F1 hyrbid. Fruit weighs 10 - 12kg. Heat resistant.
  • gold in gold f1 watermelon seeds

    Gold in Gold F1 Watermelon Seeds

    Award winning variety. Gorgeous bright gold flesh in gold striped crack resistant skin. Crisp, very sweet flesh. Each fruit weighs around 5kg, perfect icebox type.
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