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Passion Fruit

  • dua tay giant granadilla seeds

    Dua Tay Giant Granadilla Seeds

    Propagating by seeds takes 3-5 weeks and requires scarifying of all seed edges/sides, soak in water for 24 hours before sowing. Also called Dua Tay. The largest passion flower vine, reaching as far as 15 meters, with edible fruit as big as 2-4 kilos. High
  • sweet granadilla passion fruit seeds

    Sweet Granadilla Passion Fruit Seeds

    Yellow very sweet passion fruit, known worldwide for its best tasting quality among all yellow passion fruits. Large climbing vine does well in tropical, heat and humid areas. Fruit measures about 7cm and has round slightly oblong shape. Germination can t
  • edible passion fruit seeds

    Edible Passion Fruit Seeds

    Purple edible tropical fruit. Large vine can grow 3 - 5 meters. Germination can take 3 to 8 months. Keep constant moist and be patient with this seed. Perennial in tropical climate. Easily damaged by frost.
  • thai golden passion fruit seeds

    Thai Golden Passion Fruit Seeds

    Germination note: soak seeds in warm-to-touch water for 48 hours; it takes 3- 8 months to germinate. Special gold passion fruit variety. Sweet 70%, 30% acidic. High yielding.
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