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Heirloom Red Burgundy Okra Seeds

Award winning okra variety since 1988. Beautiful red burgundy pods grows as long as 6" + red stems green leaves. Also very beautiful ornamental tree about 4’ tall. Growing well in hot warn areas such as Texas. Great eating fresh or in soups, stews, gumbo,... 55 days, OP,
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Information about Heirloom Red Burgundy Okra Seeds
Fast Facts on Heirloom Red Burgundy Okra Seeds
Product Heirloom Red Burgundy Okra Seeds
Product Code SS0003
Botanical Name Abelmoschus Esculentus
Germination 85 %
Plant Height 100 - 120 Cm
Plant Spread 50 - 80 Cm
Life Cycle Annual
Harvest In 70 Days
Type Heirloom
Heirloom Red Burgundy Okra Seeds Germination Info
Germinates In 5 - 12 Days
Germination Note  
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