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Green Jute Molokhia Seeds

This molokhia has green stem and green leaves. Perennial; 60 days to maturity; High vitamin and mineral content. It was told that ancient Egyptian king recover from illness by drinking soup made from this vegetable. Used in Canh Cua Rau Day: the leaves are washed, crused by hand before putting into a pot with crab meat.
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Information about Green Jute Molokhia Seeds
Fast Facts on Green Jute Molokhia Seeds
Product Green Jute Molokhia Seeds
Product Code SS0134
Botanical Name Corchorus Olitorius
Germination 85 %
Plant Height 40 - 60 Cm
Plant Spread 40 - 55 Cm
Life Cycle Perennial
Harvest In 60 Days
Type Heirloom
Green Jute Molokhia Seeds Germination Info
Germinates In 14 - 16 Days
Germination Note  
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