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Rau Ngot Katuk Star Gooseberry Seeds

Edible dark green oval leaves; used as staple in South East Asia in soup, stir fry. Plant can grow upto 3m tall. It also has many medicinal uses.
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Information about Rau Ngot Katuk Star Gooseberry Seeds
Fast Facts on Rau Ngot Katuk Star Gooseberry  Seeds
Product Rau Ngot Katuk Star Gooseberry  Seeds
Product Code SS0380
Botanical Name Sauropus Androgynus
Germination > 50%
Plant Height 50 - 90 Cm
Plant Spread
Life Cycle Perennial
Harvest In 45 Days
Type Heirloom
Rau Ngot Katuk Star Gooseberry  Seeds Germination Info
Germinates In 14 - 28 Days
Germination Note Natural Germination Rate Of 55%. 
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