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Garland Round Leaf Shungiku Seeds

Edible green chrysanthemum, especially rich Vitamin B & minerals. Round-leaf variety. The large leaf is dark green, oblong broad, less frilly and milder taste than serrated-leaf variety. Green leaves and yellow blooms are cooked or used in salads; normally in Asian soup or stir-fry,.... Plant is easy to grow in well-drained soil. High yielding.
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Information about Garland Round Leaf Shungiku Seeds
Fast Facts on Garland Round Leaf Shungiku Seeds
Product Garland Round Leaf Shungiku Seeds
Product Code SS0116
Botanical Name Chrysanthemum Coronarium
Germination 85 %
Plant Height 25 Cm
Plant Spread 20 Cm
Life Cycle Annual
Harvest In 50 Days
Type Heirloom
Garland Round Leaf Shungiku Seeds Germination Info
Germinates In 15 Days
Germination Note  
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