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Cabbage - Brussel Sprouts

  • red f1 chinese cabbage seeds

    Red F1 Chinese Cabbage Seeds

    Very rare pink red chinese cabbage. Flavor is stronger than regular michihili type chinese cabbage but the head is less dense. Good in stir fry, steam, kimchi or salad. Not so widely adaptable and is prone to internal tipburn and early bolting. Best plant
  • michihili chinese cabbage seeds

    Michihili Chinese Cabbage Seeds

    Michihili type chinese cabbage, crisp and juice flesh. Able to withstand warmer weather. They are great in stir fry, team, or kimchi.
  • red f1 tatsoi seeds

    Red F1 Tatsoi Seeds

    45 days; F1 Hybrid, aka red mustard spinach. Thick dark red leaves shaped like spoons; a long time Asian staple. Grows more erect in warm areas and flat rosette in cold weather. Very attractive. Cooked in stir fry like pac choi.
  • rocket chinese cabbage seeds

    Rocket Chinese Cabbage Seeds

    Long, dense tubular head with fresh green leaves and tall uniform like a rocket. It has mildly sweet taste, not only used to make salad very deilcious, but also to boil, steam, soup. 75 days to harvest.
  • mix ornamental cabbage seeds

    Mix Ornamental Cabbage Seeds

    Eye catching selection of ornamental cabbages in a wide array of white, pink and red with green outer foliage. 30 - 35 cm and 100 - 120 days to harvest. Hard to eat these as they are so lovely. To achieve deeper colors, the plant needs lower temperature.
  • savoy perfection cabbage seeds

    Savoy Perfection Cabbage Seeds

    Large drumhead cabbage with crinkled green leaves, white inner core and can be as heavy as 4kg. Sweet delicate flavor, without sulfur smell when cooked like other cabbages. Great in steaming, boiling, stir fry. Excellent keeper. 89 days, OP.
  • copenhagen market cabbage seeds

    Copenhagen Market Cabbage Seeds

    Big head around 8”, 4 lbs in weight. Good crack and disease resistance. Good in steaming. Very popular and widely adaptable. 65 days to maturity from transplant, 100 days from seeds, OP.
  • red acre cabbage seeds

    Red Acre Cabbage Seeds

    Reliable heirloom red cabbage, only 74 days to maturity. Deep red, round head around 7” and 2 to 4 lbs. Sweet nice cabbage. Keeps exceptinally well and longer than green cabbages.
  • long island brussels sprouts seeds

    Long Island Brussels Sprouts Seeds

    115 days, heirloom, high yields upto 100 sprouts for such compact plant (only 24”). The cooler the weather, the sweeter it tastes.
  • charleston wakefield cabbage seeds

    Charleston Wakefield Cabbage Seeds

    A heat tolerant heart shaped cabbage weighng 2 to 3kg. Widely adaptable to both hot and cold weather. 75 days.
  • early jersey cabbage seeds

    Early Jersey Cabbage Seeds

    High eating quality & beautiful heart shaped cabbage. Very popular. Delicious cabbage that weighs 2 to 3 pounds.
  • palla rossa chicory seeds

    Palla Rossa Chicory Seeds

    A cabbage-like vegetable in beautiful shades in of deep red and white. Delicious hint of bitter in salad.
  • yearround super f1 cabbage seeds

    YearRound Super F1 Cabbage Seeds

    F1 hybrid, heat resistant and suitable for all seasons. Exceptional field holding ability from beginning until end of season. Average weight 1.5 - 3kg. Very sweet and crunchy.
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