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  • red russian kale seeds

    Red Russian Kale Seeds

    Heirloom, green serrated leaf, red vein and stems, a cool season kale. Sweet leaves are great for salad, steam, fast stir fry. Kale is a super food and must have for high nutrition. Beware: protect your kale from worms - their favorite! 65 days.
  • siberian wallflower seeds

    Siberian Wallflower Seeds

    Gorgeous bright orange flowers bi-annual wildflower plant that blooms early in the spring. Height 18 inches; easy to grow, well-developed in almost any soil types. Siberian Wallflower is considered as a cutflower type with fragrant attractive to butterfli
  • rainbow mix coleus blumei seeds

    Rainbow Mix Coleus Blumei Seeds

    Bright colorful heart shaped leaves on dwarf plant. Mix of colors include: green, red, yellow, white and deep scarlet. Shade loving tender perennial. Plant height 30 to 75cm.
  • lilliput mix zinnia seeds

    Lilliput Mix Zinnia Seeds

    5 cm double flowers in profusion. Available colors in random mix: purple, pink, red, white,... Plant height 50cm.
  • formula mix four o ??clock seeds

    Formula Mix Four O’Clock Seeds

    Delicate fragrance. Beautiful trumpet like flowers opening in evening in bright shades of white, pink, crimson, red and yellow. Widely adaptable, can tolerate drought, humidity. Self sows abundantly as an annual bushy plant.
  • tiny tim tomato seeds

    Tiny Tim Tomato Seeds

    Dwarf tomato growing only 40cm, high yields of 2cm red tomatos. Good choice for pots, hanging baskets, patio, border. Easy to grow.
  • tall mix nasturtium seeds

    Tall Mix Nasturtium Seeds

    Beautiful bright colors pink, red, orange, gold,... flowers in climbling perennial vine. Edible flowers and leaves that taste like cress in salad. Mature seeds can be roasted and grinded to substitute pepper. A good choice for fence, border, or any medium
  • dwarf jewel mix nasturtium seeds

    Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium Seeds

    30 cm dwarf flowering plant produces sunny flowers yellow, orange, red and gold. Each flower measures about 5 - 8 cm. Edible flowers and leaves that taste like cress in salad. Mature seeds can be roasted and grinded to substitute pepper. Good choice for c
  • painted daisy seeds

    Painted Daisy Seeds

    Various tricolor flowers in purple, white, red, pink and yellow; measuring around 10cm in diameter; Each flower carries upto 3 color in combination. Plant grows around 50 - 80 cm tall.
  • palla rossa chicory seeds

    Palla Rossa Chicory Seeds

    A cabbage-like vegetable in beautiful shades in of deep red and white. Delicious hint of bitter in salad.
  • florence fennel seeds

    Florence Fennel Seeds

    Fennel tastes like anise with a bit of aromatic tart and sweetness at the same time. Fennel Florence seeds, stalks and white solid bulb are common in salads, fish and sauces. Requires rich soil to grow. 110 days, OP, annual.
  • easter egg radish seeds

    Easter Egg Radish Seeds

    Rainbow mix of various varieties in white, purple, red, pink and bicolors. Selected to produce 3cm globe root just in 30 days. Fun gardening for kid! Great in salad.
  • round tasty f1 sponge gourd seeds

    Round Tasty F1 Sponge Gourd Seeds

    Short round type spong gourd with clear black stripes on dark green black ground. Considered favorite in Asian stir fries cuisines for its crunchy, sweet and not turning black and too soggy after cooking. Early maturity in 50 days and for continuous harve
  • crazy mix rudbeckia seeds

    Crazy Mix Rudbeckia Seeds

    Crazy mix of Ireland eyes, black eye susan, clasping, gloriosa, ,… Easy to grow and little maintenance required.
  • sweet pepper mix seeds

    Sweet Pepper Mix Seeds

    Mix of red, yellow and black sweet bell pepper. 75 - 95 days.
  • dwarf mix begonia seeds

    Dwarf Mix Begonia Seeds

    Compact 20cm plant height. This begonia mix has many flower colors red, white, pink, scarlet,...on top of bronze and deep green foliage. Perfect for bedding, border and container.
  • tree royal poinciana flame tree seeds

    TREE Royal Poinciana Flame Tree Seeds

    Scratch seed sides with sand paper and soak seeds for 48 hours before sowing. Seeds germinate in 7 days. Top 5 most beautiful flowering trees in the world. Grown for its large bright red flowers. Very popular in Vietnam’s schools. Fast growing tree
  • black nigra hollyhock seeds

    Black Nigra Hollyhock Seeds

    Rare black single hollyhock variety. Brought to the USA by early collonist for their easy to grow flowers and medicinal uses. Tolerates poor soils. A garden classic with ornamental and medicinal uses. Great at gardeb border. Self reseed biannuals, the pla
  • korean mint seeds

    Korean Mint Seeds

    Leaves taste like mint and liquorice; used in akes, tea, or salad. Perennial herb native to East Asia. Tall tree upto 36”, tall stems with blue purple flower - great for cut flower.Very easy to grow nad low maintenance.
  • carnival double mix hollyhock seeds

    Carnival Double Mix Hollyhock Seeds

    Beautiful mix of luscious pink, yellow ivory, white. Double hollyhock type. Brought to the USA by early collonist for their easy to grow flowers and medicinal uses. Tolerates poor soils. A garden classic with ornamental and medicinal uses. Great at gardeb
  • red ruby bulb onion seeds

    Red Ruby Bulb Onion Seeds

    Aromatic, tasty, purnent and firm flesh. High yield. 120 days, long day medium sized bulb onion, Open Polinated, good storage for 6 months. Harvest once the tops fall.
  • texas grano bulb onion seeds

    Texas Grano Bulb Onion Seeds

    Perfect for warmer southern climate. Mild, not too pugnent, nice sweet flavor in large bulb. Heirloom, 110 days, white flesh bulb onion can grow upto 1 Lb/ bulb.
  • american flag leek seeds

    American Flag Leek Seeds

    10” long American flag boast superior eating quality long thick tasty stalks, yellow white heart that are good for all purposes: salad, soup, stew, stir fry,... Long time favorite leek for both commercial and home gardeners. 150 days, heirloom.
  • fordhook giant swiss chard seeds

    FordHook Giant Swiss Chard Seeds

    RHS Award winning thick huge stalk, dark green savoyed tender leaves in high yield even in good heat. One of the best swiss chards. Stays well in container, patio.
  • borage seeds

    Borage Seeds

    annual herb, 110 days, heirloom, about 2 - 3’ tall. Known for its calming effect so also called as Herb of Gladness. Big green leaves and nice blue flower. Leaf, star flower are added to salad, garnish fruit juice drinks.
  • green wave mustard seeds

    Green Wave Mustard Seeds

    AAS winner for its beautiful frilly edge bright green leaves, slow to bold quality and sharp delicious spicy flavor. Reliable. Heat tolerant.
  • tatsoi mustard seeds

    Tatsoi Mustard Seeds

    Thick dark green leaves shaped like spoons; a long time Asian staple. Grows more erect in warm areas and flat rosette in cold weather. Very attractive. Cooked in stir fry like pac choi green. 45 - 50 days; aka mustard spinach.
  • meo ethnic mustard seeds

    Meo Ethnic Mustard Seeds

    Very rare and little known crunchy specialty mustard grown only in Sapa District of Lao Cai Province, Vietnam. Green leaves with tiny hair on surface. Great in salad or stir fry or soup.
  • heat resistant broccoli seeds

    Heat Resistant Broccoli Seeds

    100 days, F1 hybrid. This very heat resistant variety can last in temperature around 30 Celcius degree. Vigorous and big tree.
  • hanoi specialty mustard seeds

    Hanoi Specialty Mustard Seeds

    Vietnamese specialty mustard. Heat resistant and vigorous. Yelowish green, tasty. Good disease resistance; heat resistant. Annual.
  • aladdin five color hot pepper seeds

    Aladdin Five Color Hot Pepper Seeds

    Yellow, creamy, purple, orange, red conical pepper fruits on very dwarf plant of about 30cm tall. Excellent border or pot and patio plants.
  • golden shower flowering tree seeds

    Golden Shower Flowering Tree Seeds

    One of the most beautiful tropical perennial tree with flashy display of bright yellow flower clusters. Tree needs well drained soil and full sunlight.
  • italian dandelion seeds

    Italian Dandelion Seeds

    Much earlier, upright growing, larger, and a deeper green than regular Dandelion. This is not a true dandelion, but Italian dandelion leaves are similar in appearance. With a number of varieties originating in Italy, the leaves and flower stalks are used
  • tall red bachelor ??s button seeds

    Tall Red Bachelor’s Button Seeds

    About 70 - 100 cm tall. Deep, rosy red double flowers. Suitable for cutting, beds and borders, flower mixtures, and the pollinator garden. Flower petals are edible. The Bachelor’s Button name comes from the tradition of your men’s holding cor
  • tall blue bachelor ??s button seeds

    Tall Blue Bachelor’s Button Seeds

    Deep blue double flowers. About 70 - 100 cm tall. Suitable for cutting, beds and borders, flower mixtures, and the pollinator garden. Flower petals are edible. The Bachelor’s Button name comes from the tradition of your men’s holding cornflow
  • strawberry spinach seeds

    Strawberry Spinach Seeds

    Rare annual spinach substitute with serrated-shaped leaves and edible strawberry-like red fruits on long slender stems. About 50 cm tall. Roots, leaves and fruit are all edible.
  • creeping daisy seeds

    Creeping Daisy Seeds

    Growing only 15 - 30 cm, Creeping Daisy has white flower as big as 3cm, and spreading habit that makes it good ground cover, garden bed, and great choice for pot and patio.
  • yellow daisy seeds

    Yellow Daisy Seeds

    Originated from Africa and widely adaptable. 12” tall. Beautiful yellow round petals surrounding larger yellow center.
  • black diamond watermelon seeds

    Black Diamond Watermelon Seeds

    An excellent late-season variety good for southern climate. Tough dark blue-green rind makes it good transport. Bright red flesh with great flavor, sweet and firm. About 35 to 50 pounds.
  • dwarf orange sulphureus cosmos seeds

    Dwarf Orange Sulphureus Cosmos Seeds

    50 - 70 cm dwarf cosmos variety with semi-double flower in orange. Tolerates poor and dry soils, high heat conditions. Good for pots, beds, or borders. It is easy to grow and maintain.
  • dwarf lemon sulphureus cosmos seeds

    Dwarf Lemon Sulphureus Cosmos Seeds

    40 - 70 cm dwarf cosmos variety with semi-double flower in bright lemon color. Tolerates poor and dry soils, high heat conditions. Good for pots, beds, or borders. It is easy to grow and maintain as well
  • seashell mix cosmos seeds

    Seashell Mix Cosmos Seeds

    Lightly tufted petals resembling seashells in glamorous colors such as carmine, rose, pink, and white. Tolerates poor and dry soils, high heat conditions. Good for cut flowers, pots, beds, or borders.
  • sonata yellow cosmos seeds

    Sonata Yellow Cosmos Seeds

    Very rare! New break-though with bright yellow petals fading into light yellow white in the end. Great for garden borders. Cosmos Bipinnatus.
  • waltham butternut squash seeds

    Waltham Butternut Squash Seeds

    Smooth textured with cylindrical neck and orange flesh inside that has delicious sweet and rich vitamin A. Its yellow skin is hard, thick. This is the most popular winter squash type is not only used to make creamy soup but also great for steaming, boilin
  • mexican sour gherkin seeds

    Mexican Sour Gherkin Seeds

    Originating in Mexico, it is very heat resistant and most productive in green house or hot weather. Mini watermelon fruit that tastes citrus and tangy; around double the size of your thumb. also known as cucamelon, mouse melon, mexican sour gherkin. Seeds
  • sping f1 cucumber seeds

    Sping F1 Cucumber Seeds

    Slender, dark green fruit that favorited in Japan. The fruit is 9-10 inches long. The diameter is smaller than other regular cucumbers. Its exterior with slender, thin-skinned dark green cucumber and smooth, grooved skin, inner flesh is crisp, firm and mi
  • small ornamental mix gourd seeds

    Small Ornamental Mix Gourd Seeds

    Rainbow small exotic ornamental gourds in yellow, pink, orange, green, red, white with amazing different shapes are very eyecatching. Small gourd fruits with multi shapes as baby birdhouse and bottle gourds are showy fresh and used as beautiful ornamental
  • cluster russian cucumber seeds

    Cluster Russian Cucumber Seeds

    Abundant of 15cm fruits growing in 2 or 3 clusters. Great for pickle and salad.
  • rocky ford melon seeds

    Rocky Ford Melon Seeds

    Deep fine grained green flesh and heavily netted skin. Average weight 2.5 lbs. Uniform in oval with slenderly ribbed and dense netting. Its fine grained green flesh with crisp, fresh sweet taste favorited by home gardeners as well as market gardeners. Goo
  • purple globe italian artichoke seeds

    Purple Globe Italian Artichoke Seeds

    Large, tender purple heads in the shape of the globe. This variety is juicier than green type. Resistant to high temperatures. Excellent for adding multicolour as well as an ornamental for your garden. Heirloom artichoke originated from Italy.
  • green globe artichoke seeds

    Green Globe Artichoke Seeds

    Deeply lobed silvery-green leaves grow in a large rosette. The flower buds are fleshy with diameter 2 to 5 inches on top of tall stem. Flower head has high nutrition value and benefit for heart. Artichoke head will bloom to purple thistle-like flowers if
  • pompon double dahlia seeds

    Pompon Double Dahlia Seeds

    Small attractive double pompon flowers in many colors. 120cm tall; tender perennial. Ideal for an outstanding border or bedding display during the summer months.
  • redskin dahlia seeds

    Redskin Dahlia Seeds

    Small double and semi-double flowers on bronze-red foliage. Easy to develop from seed; A stunning flower is a good ideal for pots, borders, and garden beds. Use as a cut flower. All dahlia flowers and tubers are edible. Flavors ranging from bland throug
  • collarette dahlia seeds

    Collarette Dahlia Seeds

    Striking flower: single row of bright outer petals contrasting with inner decorative quilled petals. Considered as a border plant and great cut flower. Easy to grow from fresh seed. Full sun or partial shade. All dahlia flowers and tubers are edible. Flav
  • scarlet nantes carrot seeds

    Scarlet Nantes Carrot Seeds

    Carrot Scarlet Nantes is almost coreless, cylindrical shape, finely-flavoured. It is about 7” long. Scarlet Nantes Carrots is a beloved classic with crisp texture, sweet flavour and delicious for snacking, cooking, and topping salads. It is also kno
  • chabaud mix dianthus seeds

    Chabaud Mix Dianthus Seeds

    Aka Carnation, large double flowers come in a wide range of colours: pink, purple, red, white and yellow; expressing love, distinction and fascination. It grows to 2 feet tall, and double, fringed big flowers with multi colours are perfect for beds and bo
  • mission bells mix california poppy seeds

    Mission Bells Mix California Poppy Seeds

    Semi-double mix of outstanding colors: white, red, yellow and orange growing upto 1’. Drough tolerant, self sow. Very easy to grow. Eschscholzia californica. Free of addictive ingredients prohibitted by laws of many countries; purely for ornamental
  • temptation f1 strawberry seeds

    Temptation F1 Strawberry Seeds

    Designed for containter planting. Temptation F1 produces a steady supply of red medium sized strawberry throughout growing season.
  • lollo rosa lettuce seeds

    Lollo Rosa Lettuce Seeds

    Red lollo rosa type lettuce. Grown all year round in high heat and humidity climate. frilly red leaves.
  • mineto heat resistant lettuce seeds

    Mineto Heat Resistant Lettuce Seeds

    Small Medium iceberg type. Can form head in tropical heat and humidity condition. 35 days.
  • fast fall heat resistant lettuce seeds

    Fast Fall Heat Resistant Lettuce Seeds

    Very heat resistant and vigorous! black seeded. Green frilled leaves. This type of lettuce can grow in high heat and humidity condition. Slow bolting.
  • heirloom butterhead lettuce seeds

    Heirloom Butterhead Lettuce Seeds

    Very vigorous and heat resistant butterhead type. It can be grown all year round in high humid and heat climate.
  • yellow frilled heat resistant lettuce seeds

    Yellow Frilled Heat Resistant Lettuce Seeds

    Light yellow frilly loose leaf lettuce. Very vigorous and well suited for high heat and humidity climate.
  • ellagance snow lavender seeds

    Ellagance Snow Lavender Seeds

    Very rare white lavender strain. Flowers in the first year. 12” tall only.
  • rosea lavender seeds

    Rosea Lavender Seeds

    Very rare pink lavender strain. 10 - 18” tall.
  • royal carpet alyssum seeds

    Royal Carpet Alyssum Seeds

    RHS Garden Merit winner. 25cm compact low growing plant. Profuse flower in violet purple shade and sweet nice fragrance all summer long.
  • mary washington asparagus seeds

    Mary Washington Asparagus Seeds

    High reliability, flavor and disease resistance. Flavor is crisp sweet and tasty. Plant Mary Washington perennial seeds for once and harvest in the years to come: initially a bit in the 2nd year and full cutting from the year after. The mature bed of aspa
  • sacred hopi tobacco seeds

    Sacred Hopi Tobacco Seeds

    Nicotiana rustica, Aztec tobacco or strong tobacco, called ucuch in southern Mexico due to its Mayan roots, mapacho in South America, Bauerntabak in Germany, and thuoc lao in Vietnam. The leaves are used to smoke, snuff and produce commercial tobacco.
  • showy evening primrose seeds

    Showy Evening Primrose Seeds

    Large 5cm delicate pink flower. Biennial plant matures at 30 - 45 cm tall.
  • american ginseng seeds

    American Ginseng Seeds

    Panax quinquefolius Seeds are difficult and takes long time to germinate. Increasing cultivation helps preserve this special variety. American Ginseng has many medicial uses and comparable medicial properties to Korean Ginseng.
  • red flowered hummingbird tree seeds

    Red Flowered Hummingbird Tree Seeds

    Beautiful red flowered variety. Produces flowers all year long in tropical climate. Used widely in South East Asia as staple in stir fries, steam boat, soup,... This fast growing tree is very thirsty for water and produces a lot more flowers when plant
  • chocolate cherry tomato seeds

    Chocolate Cherry Tomato Seeds

    72 days, vigorous plant producing round chocolate striped tomato. Fruit is firm, sweet and about 15 grams. Indeterminate.
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