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  • wild petunia seeds

    Wild Petunia Seeds

    Vigorous tender perennial that blooms continuously and is very easy to grow. Its sprawling habit makes wonderful hanging baskets, patio, balcony plant. Heat loving and low maintenance. A wild petunia variety.
  • star mix petunia seeds

    Star Mix Petunia Seeds

    One of the most favorite bedding flowers. Crisp look: each multicolored trumpet shaped blooms has white star inside. Beautiful bush and low growing habit suitable for pots, patio and hanging baskets.
  • veined petunia seeds

    Veined Petunia Seeds

    Small dark web-like veins inside each flower mix of many colors. Easy to grow and drought tolerant petunia.
  • red fire chief petunia seeds

    Red Fire Chief Petunia Seeds

    Award winning petunia variety with deep red flowers bearing freely in abundance, sometimes rose pink and lovely strong fragrance. Bushy low growing 16” tall plants are both heat & cold resistant. Easy to grow.
  • dwarf mix petunia seeds

    Dwarf Mix Petunia Seeds

    An easy to grow, drought tolerant 6” bush garden favorite since 1950s. Rainbow mix of salmon red, violet, white, red and scarlet flowers very attractive to hummingbird and butterflies. Great for pot, patio and hanging baskets.
  • f1 double mix petunia seeds

    F1 Double Mix Petunia Seeds

    F1 hybrid. High quality huge 9 cm double flowers resembling carnations in vetvety blue, burgundy, lilac splashed with white, bright pink, soft pink. Outstanding habit and good branching. Excellent program for late Spring sales. Well-suited to larger conta
  • pendula balcony mix petunia seeds

    Pendula Balcony Mix Petunia Seeds

    OP mix of petunia pendula violet, white, pink, red and purple. Well suited for hanging baskets, containers, and borders.
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