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Vietnamese Aquatic Mix Lotus Seeds

Represents purity of body, mind and speech in Buddhist symbolism. Lotus is also known as national flower of Vietnam. Mix of pink & white lotus seeds. Very high germation rate 80%++. Amazingly, it can regulate the temperature its self. It can attract cold blooded insects to pollinate flowers. It can be used to make teas or fabric as well. It has a lot of useful benefits such as reducing skin inflammation, curing bleeding disorders or promoting brain developments.
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Information about Vietnamese Aquatic Mix Lotus Seeds
Fast Facts on Vietnamese Aquatic Mix Lotus Seeds
Product Vietnamese Aquatic Mix Lotus Seeds
Product Code SS0382
Botanical Name Nelumbo Nucifera
Germination 85 %
Plant Height
Plant Spread
Life Cycle Annual
Harvest In 50 - 60 Days
Type Heirloom
Vietnamese Aquatic Mix Lotus Seeds Germination Info
Germinates In 7 - 14 Days
Germination Note Cut 1Mm Into A Pointed Side Of The Seeds To Allow Germination. Place In Warm
Water And Wait For Germination Abt 7 Days. Fill A 4 Us Gal (16L) Container With 6”
Of Deep Soil - To Make Mud. Remove Seedlings From Water Once They Are 6” Long.
Gently Place Seedlings Into The Mud About 4” Apart. 
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