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  • yellow gaillardia seeds

    Yellow Gaillardia Seeds

    Bright red center surrounded by yellow petals. Perennial growing to 50cm tall.
  • perennial gaillardia seeds

    Perennial Gaillardia Seeds

    Deep red and orange yellow. Native to North America, Gaillardia is easy to grow and versatile. Short lived perennial.
  • perennial mix gaillardia seeds

    Perennial Mix Gaillardia Seeds

    Decent perennial border plant with flowers around 10cm large; Mix of orange, yellow, red, and scarlet flowers. The flower are perennial and carefree.
  • lorenziana double mix gaillardia seeds

    Lorenziana Double Mix Gaillardia Seeds

    Huge flowered double gaillardia mix of red and yellow shades. Plant grows about 50 cm tall.
  • double dwarf 25cm mix gaillardia seeds

    Double Dwarf 25cm Mix Gaillardia Seeds

    Mix of white, red and yelow colors. Tender perennial plant requires little care. only 25cm tall. Can withstand harsh climate and suitable for pot, bedding and balcony.
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