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TREE Royal Poinciana Flame Tree Seeds

Scratch seed sides with sand paper and soak seeds for 48 hours before sowing. Seeds germinate in 7 days. Top 5 most beautiful flowering trees in the world. Grown for its large bright red flowers. Very popular in Vietnam’s schools. Fast growing tree native to Africa, Norther Australia and Madagascar, that grows from 5m - 10m.
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Information about TREE Royal Poinciana Flame Tree Seeds
Information about TREE Royal Poinciana Flame Tree Seeds
Fast Facts on TREE Royal Poinciana Flame Tree Seeds
Product TREE Royal Poinciana Flame Tree Seeds
Product Code SS0698
Botanical Name Delonix Regia
Germination 85 %
Plant Height  5 - 10M
Plant Spread
Life Cycle Perennial
Harvest In After 2Nd Year
Type Heirloom
Tree Royal Poinciana Flame Tree Seeds Germination Info
Germinates In 7 - 15 Days
Germination Note  
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